About Us

Welcome to Butcher Block Premium Meats and Seafood! We are pleased to introduce to you an extensive line of the finest and freshest Choice Meats, Grade A Poultry, Seafood, and Deli Products.

Old and New fashioned services are provided to our customers, to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience. We have an assortment of grocery items available to collaborate well with our essential product, and make this a one-shop stop. We will custom cut your meat selections, on premise, to your needs and specifications. Also, we will steam and season your seafood selections, free of charge. You won’t ever have to worry about gold cards or point systems at this store. We feel that All of Our Customers are Gold, and deserve the same rate quality, service and monetary value. We pride ourselves on our efforts to satisfy our customers, but what we at Butcher Block pride ourselves the most on is the product.

Beef is what’s for dinner

You may have heard this a few times, but the question is, what have you been eating for dinner? Well, at Butcher Block, we have an interesting opinion on that topic, that’s why we provide variety in our beef products. We have USDA Choice Beef (Prime Strips, and Rib Eye Steaks, Available on Request), local beef, Santa Gertrudis all natural ground beef from Chapel-Ridge Farms, provide us with all naturally raised beef. These beef are antibiotic free and steroid free, they’re feed is pesticide and herbicide free, which makes these beef alternatively healthy.

Pork, The other white meat. Well what about rabbit?

Not only do we have pork available, but we also have fresh rabbit. Rabbit is no substitute for our fresh pork, but it is a wonderful addition to our selection. Rabbit has many nutritional attributes that appeal to a variety of customers. This all white choice of meat, is low in sodium, has no added sugar, and is high in iron, niacin, phosphorus, protein, selenium, and vitamin B12. The taste of fresh rabbit is incomparable to anything else

Did the chicken or the egg come first?

Who knows, we are glad to offer both at Butcher Block. The chicken we provide is hand cut and kept fresh on ice, our poultry isn’t shipped in pre-wrapped on foam trays. Fresh Grade A Chicken isn’t the only type we carry at this store. We also have a frozen line of Organic Poultry, including Pheasant, Goose, Turkey & Duck.

Under the water is better

Our seafood selection is immaculate! We have a large variety of fresh and frozen shrimp, crabs, scallops, and a whole lot more. We have literally sailed the Seven Seas to bring you the highest quality of seafood available. Our seafood is fresh and delivered daily.

Specialty Items

Diverse is a term that describes our meat selection. Red Deer and bison are available here. They are both unique in taste, nutritionally sound and rare. We like to impose on our customers to try new things. These particular selections are wonderful for those that are on diets, medically advised to monitor their cholesterol, and those few looking for something new to bring to the dinner table

Our Deli

Boar’s Head is a label that you may not be familiar with, but it mostly compromises our deli case. Boar’s Head Premium Meats and Cheeses contain no by-products, cereals, fillers, artificial coloring, or artificial flavors. This label provides one of the finest products because it uses the finest ingredients. Andrew and Everett is a name to be synonymous with, as it also has a place in our deli case. The cheese products that Andrew and Everett supply us with are hormone free, gluten free, have no preservatives, no animal by-products, no binders and no fillers. The Boar’s Head products and Andrew And Everett products, have many attributes, that speaks highly for themselves.

We Look Forward To Serving You,

Lorne & Micki Peters
Steve & Beth Trout